Commodity contributions

On this page we will regularly inform about needed commidity contributions. These are mostly single items for supporting Tibetans who cannot afford themselves to purchase them.

Especially pupils and students, also in monasteries, usually have no financial means on their disposal for electronical devices for example, which they need for their studies. This is where we try to help.

Nowadays using a smartphone or laptop is a matter of course for school children in the Western world. But escpecially for poor people in India, using the no-cost social networks like Facebook or whatsapp is their only Option to stay in touch with their relatives in far away places.

Even for our projects it is absolutely essential that our contacts in India and Nepal are equipped with such devices, because this way we regularly get photos and information updates . Being able to use a personal computer at home is making a big difference for students of any Age.

For needy youths and Young adults we are searching for some used electronical devices which are still functioning properly. At the moment we need 2 smartphones and 2 Laptops.

Of course you can also support this action with a single donation which will help us to buy the items.

Payment reference: small equipment