Help us


This is what you can do to help us …

  • Non-ring-fenced single or permanent donations for the total project. This money will be put to use where most necessary needed.
  • We also appreciate non-ring-fenced donations for financing expenses like office supplies and promotion material, postal and banking charges. This way with part of your donation you can support our work, which all our staff is doing voluntarily.
  • Project-linked single or permanent donations on the respective betterplace pages or directly onto our bank account stating the specific project in the reference line.
  • Help us by sponsoring a Tibetan child, teenager or elder person in Nepal or Dharamsala.
  • Draw your friend’s attention to our project: aid projects and non-profit associations like ours, working for charity, depend on promotion. This way even without financial support you can help us. Use social networks, talk to you relatives, friends, colleagues and tell them about our work.