Sponsorships in Dharamsala and Northern India

The monthly needed amount for supporting a Tibetan varies according to the personal situation. Usually 20 Euro already can ensure a monthly provision with basic supplies. Unless specified otherwise, this will be the sponsorship contribution.

Presently we are looking after 24 sponsorships for 20 needy people in the area of Dharamsala and Bir. Between them there are families, children, as well as nuns and monks, who do not live in a monastery. Most of the elder people never had the chance for a school education and therefore are not able to earn enough even for the most basic needs in life. Parents often cannot afford to pay the school fees and their children are able to get a school education only thanks to the support from abroad. But a school education is most important and a solid foundation for a more secure future. Therefore providing the means for a school education for children of poor families is one of our main aims.

Nuns and monks who are not living in monasteries often are sick and need permanent medical care. Except they have pay for room rent and food on their own. In such cases we are helping with sponsorships for the basic adequate supply.


For the monks in Tse Chok Ling monastery, which we are supporting with different projects, we are currently looking for sponsors.

Details and photos can be found on the page “Monks in Tse Chok Ling monastery”.




Derzeit gibt es im Raum Dharamsala keine Bedürftigen, für die wir Paten suchen. Sobald wir neue Anfragen aus Indien erhalten werden wir die Daten hier einstellen.



Wenn Sie mit einer Patenschaft helfen möchten, senden Sie uns bitte eine Email an: info@tibet-tshoesem.de