Winter blankets for the monks

During our stay in the monastery we experienced on our own body how cold it gets at night. The rooms are not isolated and there is no heating. The woolen blankets which are mostly used there, do not really keep one warm.

In the beginning of 2016 we had sent the first warm winter blankets, which turned out to be very useful. Especially the elder monks, whom are sick sometimes and the young novices we want to support with warm blankets.


young novices with winter blankets we had sent to the monastery in spring 2016


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Distribution of donated blankets and covers on December 3rd

The next 15 blankets and covers have arrived in the monastery and have been already distributed to the monks. All of them are very thankful and happy for the warming blankets will be very useful during the coming cold winter nights.

We would like to thank all sponsors from the bottom of our hearts who have supported our little aid project with their donation and provided a warming  blanket and cover for a monk.

Update Februar 2017:

Another 6 sets of blankets with covers have been donated and are on their way to Dharamsala.