Tibet Tshoesem


„I have to fight against the pain of others, because it is mine as well. The others are sentient beings just like me. This is why I have to act for their wellbeing.“

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Tibet Tshoesem བོད་ཆོས་སེམས་ (bod choes sems) means „in compassion for Tibet“.

Having become a minorty in many places in their own country the situation of the people in Tibet is still difficult. Alleged relaxation of religious and cultural restrictions, as often described in press media, are not really noticeable.
Even in Exile due to their status as refugees most Tibetans are afflicted with many restrictions. The imminet loss of the Tibetan Buddhist culture proceeds and with our aid projects we try to counteract and to lend human aid to Tibetans in simple and practical way.

The association supports exiled Tibetans in need, mainly in Northern India and Nepal, provides them with shelter, medical treatment and education and in this way sustains the preservation of the Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Except Tibetans we are supporting also people in India and Nepal who belong to other ethic groups from the Himalaya region, Indians and Nepalese. 

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