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June 28th 2017

Two older couples from the Tibetan village of Briddhim in Northern Nepal have found sponsors !

Tsering Yangchen and Lhakpa, as well as Dhondup Tamang and Lhakpa Yangchen are supported from now on by a sponsorship.

Especially for the elderly, it is often difficult to find support, but they need our help and attention as urgently as everyone else. In addition, they are often sick and physically unable to look after themselves. Due to the sponsorship they can buy necessary medicine and food.


June 27th 2017

Good news from Dharamsala!

Last month, we had asked for support for 60 year old Gyathar, who has been living in the Tse Chok Ling Monastery in Dharamsala for many years and whose old sewing machine is no longer working.

At the beginning of June we were able to transfer 150 Euro donations to him and the processing of the banks took quite a long time, but today Monk Nyima could pick up the money and hand it over to Gyathar. He is very happy and thanks all supporters for the many donations!


June 24th 2017

Today we had published the next “newsletter” on the Betterplace page of our building project for the Gurung family in Kanyara Village:…/newsroom

In the photo gallery there are lots of new photos. The outer walls of the house are completed and the iron rod of the roof is cemented. As soon as the supporting pillars can be removed in a few weeks, the construction workers will begin with the interior construction. Please support our project with a small donation so that the house of the family will be finished soon and we can repay the borrowed money.



June 23rd 2017

Good news for Tse Chok Ling monastery in Dharamsala: The 19 year old monk Peljor has a sponsorship now and feels very happy about the support. We thank the dear sponsor for his help!

If you like to support one of the monks in the monastery with a sponsorship, you can find the photos and data of the monks under the following category…/ also of the children who are still waiting for help. Correspondence is possible, also often a contact via Facebook.

You can help as well with single donations for a basic supply with the things of daily life and medicine. For this purpose you will find “needs” in our Betterplace project for the monastery:


June 20th 2017

Due to her sponsorship (of 2 partial sponsors) the destitute Tibetan woman Khartok from Kathmandu could finally move to a new, dry and save accomodation. She feels very happy and safe there and is very thankful for this huge support!




June 17th 2017

Good news about our aid project in Briddhim: the total amount of 250 Euro which was needed for the new toilet construction has been donated!
Yugyal and his wife are very thankful and happy. Now the work can go on and we will keep you updated.
 Thanks a lot to all supporters for the all the small and huge donations!

  Yugyal und Nyima Bhuti


June 8th 2017

Today we had received brandnew photos from the construction site in Kanyara Village near Lower Dharamsala.
The work is progressing rapidly, as the annual monsoon starts now and we hope that soon the family will be able to move back into the house. A few days ago the project received a generous donation of the Tibet Kailash House, Freiburg, in the amount of 500 Euro. The head of the association, Wilfried Pfeffer, handed over the donations directly to Thupten Lama. We are very grateful for this support!

Thupten Lama, head of the project on site, also applied today for a private loan of 63,000 Rupees (900 Euro), because the donations now are consumed. The construction workers demand their wages and only the 250 kg of iron for roof cost 50,000 rupees. We have asked other private people and institutions for support, but it is not easy to find support for this aid project. We urgently need help. Please support our project with a small donation. Any small amount will help!



June 5th 2017

Khartok from Kathmandu: finally lucky – many donations and a sponsorship!

The situation of the completely destitute Tibetan woman had become extremely acute during the last weeks. Her husband neglects the family more and more and has not paid the rent for a long time. After three months, the landlord threatened with the termination, which meant for Khartok and her small daughter the homelessness.

With a spontaneous request we were able to collect 140 Euro donations for her, which our local staff already handed over to Khartok and she will hand over the money to the landlord today.
In addition, Khartok will even be able to move into a better, dry accommodation, because she has finally found 2 dear sponsors, who support her with a monthly total of 51 Euro!


 Thanks a lot to all supporters and the two kind sponsors!


June 4th 2017

This is our newsletter summer 2017:  Newsletter Summer2017-2eng


May 31st 2017

The 5-year-old Lakchin Tsomu from Briddhim has got a first partial sponsorship from June 2017. The family is very grateful for this support because the tiny income of the father is not enough to enable the children to go to the Highland Secondary Boarding School in Dhunche.

  Lakchin Tsomu (in blue pants) with her younger sister and parents

Because of the high monthly amount (50 Euro) for the school fees, we offer partial sponsorships. For being able to attend school this summer, Lakchin needs a second partial sponsorship (for 35 Euro) or third (18 Euro each). More information on our page “Sponsorships in Nepal”.
Who would like to support Lakchin Tsomu with a partial sponsorship and thus enable her to have a school education and a better future?

Mail contact is possible via our team member on-site.


May 28th 2017

Wundervolle Nachrichten aus Nepal: der 5-jährige Tenzin Jorten aus dem tibetischen Dorf Briddhim ist heute in der Highland Secondary Boarding School in Dhunche eingeschult worden! Dies ist ein großer und wichtiger Schritt im Leben des Jungen. Nur die Patenschaften zweier „Teil-Paten“ hat das möglich gemacht, denn die armen Eltern könnten sich das Schulgeld nicht leisten. Wir danken den Paten von Herzen für diese großartige Unterstützung.


May 22nd 2017

Project start in Kanyara Village!  On May 19th the demolition of Gurung family’s old house has been started.


New bricks, sand and a 500 L water tank have already been delivered. Wooden frames for 3 doors and 5 windows were ordered. The water pipelines are to be laid in July. More information and photos on this website under “aid projects” and in the “News” of the Betterplace Project

May 21st 2017

Urgently HELP needed!


The situation of the Tibetan woman Khartok in Kathmandu has extremely worsened last weeks. Her husband is hardly at home and does not pay the rent anymore. After 3 months arrears of rent the landlord threatens with the termination, which would lead Khartok and her small daughter into homelessness. Then the child could not go to school anymore.

The rental arrears currently amount to – one-time – 75 Euro and the monthly rent about 26 Euro. In order not to become homeless, Khartok urgently needs a sponsorship.
Please support Khartok and her daughter with a monthly sponsorship of 26 euros or with a single donation.

For more information, please visit the “Sponsorships in Nepal” page. You can donate directly to the association donation account, as well as simply and secure online via our Betterplace project:


May20th 2017

For one of the cooks in the Tse Chok Ling monastery in Dharamsala, 60-year-old Gyathar, who has been living in the monastery for 20 years and who is cooking there for the volunteers and visitors, we need donations to buy a new sewing machine. For his work in the monastery he receives a monthly salary of about 35 Euro.

This is hardly enough for living, but he owns an old sewing machine. With this he is repairing and sewing clothes for the monks. This sewing machine is not working anymore, but he can not afford to repair or purchase a new one.

He would be happy to buy a new electric sewing machine, and then sew new items and sell them in the market in order to improve his little income. Gyathar is also supporting a poor relative with his work. In Dharamsala an electric sewing machine costs about 150 Euro. 20 Euro have already been donated.
Please support Gyathar wirt a donation of any amount!



May 18th 2017

Our team urgently needs reinforcement in association work.
If you take delight in actively helping, would like to share a bit of your free time and support our team and thus the people of India and Nepal, whom we are trying to help, we would be glad about your assistance.

Needed are 1 – 2 helpers who are familiar with computer work and speak a little English.

If you are interested, please send an email to:


May 13th 2017

Today we received many wonderful photos from our children’s home in Kathmandu. The kids were on a medical check-up and are all healthy and cheerful. They integrate more and more better in the children’s home.

The beautiful new photos with their laughing faces can be seen in the photo gallery of our Betterplace project and on our Facebook page

Here are two cute videos of the children: 




May 6th 2017

From now on you can do a good deal with your online shopping and by the way help our association by making a little detour via the popular portal “Gooding”.

Shopping works as always and without extra costs. After shopping the company pays a percentage donation to us. So you can easily support Tibet Tshoesem, because the donation is paid by the online shops. Helping can be so easy …

Check out our site today:


April 29th 2017

Delivery of the donations in India: also in India we could now hand over the donations for the months January to April 2017.
A total of 6,556 Euro donations have been collected (India and Nepal). Of this, 3,155 Euro were donated as sponsorships. 3,401 Euro were donated for our aid projects, including 1,006 Euro for the children’s home in Kathmandu.
The sponsors will shortly receive photos of delivery. Thank you very much for the support, the compassion and all the positive feedback we receive!

April 22nd 2017

Last week we could transfer the donations for „Dickey Tsering Children’s Home“ in Kathmandu, a total amount of 1.506 Euro – 500 Euro for sponsorships and 1.006 Euro for general use of the home.
Geshe Sonam Wangchen has already received the money. The children and him are very thankful.
For more information and photos check our latest newsletter in our Betterplace project on…/52466-ein-neues-zuha…/newsroom .
 Thank you to all donators and sponsors for this great support!


April 11th 2017

Finally the time has come … the first children have moved into the “Dickey Tsering Children’s Home” and have already received the first lessons. They are very happy and grateful.

The children learn the basics of meditation and there is a daily prayer meeting. A good education is very valuable, which teaches the children the meaning of love and compassion for all beings.

We would like to thank all donators and sponsors, who have made this all possible! The team around Geshe Sonam Wangchen, the children and also us, are very touched and grateful for this support.

Further children are waiting for a dear sponsor and the opportunity to move into the home (details on the website under “sponsorships in Nepal”) and donations are still needed. This is possible either directly to the donation account of the association or via our Betterplace 



More Information can be found in the photo gallery of our Betterplace project and on our Facebook page:

April 4th 2017

Wonderful news from Nepal! The tenancy agreement for the “Dickey Tsering Children’s home” in Kathmandu was signed yesterday. Geshe Sonam Wangchen, Geshe Pema Dorjee and Gonpo are preparing the house for the move of the first 15 children. The home can offer about 30 children a new home and many are still waiting for a sponsorship (photos and information here on the website under the category “sponsorships in Nepal”).





March 24th 2017

A few days ago the next blankets arrived to Tse Chok Ling Monastery in Dharamsala. The monks are very happy and thankful. In the non-isolated rooms it is still very cold during the nights and warm blankets help them a lot.



March 17th 2017

Lovely news from Dharamsala… Exactly one year ago little girl Kalsang Dolma came from Nepal to Dharamsala. In her village she would never have had the chance to get a school education.

Finally the time has come! This week Kalsang started at School and she is very happy. At the Age of 11 she attended school for the first time in her life. Only the sponsorship allows this and offers Kalsang many opportunities for the future. Many thanks to the sponsor who made Kalsang to a happy girl !


March 9th 2017

Our dear supporter, Barbara Lauer, has organized an Afghan-Tibetan afternoon in the rooms of a social carrier in Saarbrücken on February 18th 2017, together with Afghan refugees, whom she is taking care of. They drew attention to the situation in Tibet and promoted the projects of our association. A total amount of 240 Euro has been donated. The children’s home in Kathmandu will receives 140 Euro. Tse Chok Ling monastery will receive 100 Euro for the renovation of Monk Dorjee’s room. We thank the young people and their supporter for this wonderful action and the many donations!



March 8th 2017

Nyidon, a 2-year-old, who lives in Mcleod Ganj with her single- and unemployed mother, has a sponsorship again, which makes the little family very happy. Without this support the mother could barely feed the child. Many thanks to the dear sponsors !


March 5th 2017

For the first children in the “Dickey Tsering Children’s Home” in Kathmandu we were able to provide sponsorships.  10-year-old Sunita, 9-year-old Sujita and 11-year-old Nisha now have dear sponsors and are very happy about this help.

In addition, 356 Euro were already donated for the establishment of the children’s home. Many thanks to the sponsors and supporters.



March 2nd 2017

Monk Tenzin Tsundue (named Dorjee) from Tse Chok Ling monastery in Dharamsala is the second monk there, which we could impart a sponsorship. He is very grateful and the dear sponsor has even donated another 200 Euro for the renovation of his room. With a very creative action, she has renovated an old closet and donated the money she would have to spend to buy for a new one, for the monk. A wonderful action!
We hope that the other monks in the monastery will soon find sponsors.


February 28th 2017

This week we could give donations to Tibetans in need in Dharamsala :
We handed over 100 Euro donations to the completely destitute nun Dolkar, who lives in a small room in Mcleod Ganj.

She urgently needs a sponsorship so she can move to another room. Her current accommodation is humid and moldy. Dolkar therefore is often sick.


We could give a donation over 140 Euro to the destitute young woman Minghmar Lhamo. Her little daughter Nyidon unfortunately lost her sponsorship. This small family needs urgent support and would be very happy about a new sponsorship for the child.



February 14th 2017

Please read our Newsletter Spring 2017:  Newsletter2017-1


February 5th 2017

In January 2017 the association Management was so fortunate to participate in the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya, India. Afterwards the chairwoman Konny Kaufmann traveled to Dharamsala and could personally hand over the collected donations from last year, meet the sponsored childs, help with some manual work in Tse Chok Ling monastery and bring back lots of interesting information and photos.

These are the News in short version:

  • To the son of the couple Dhondup Tamang and Lhakpa  Yangchen from the Tibetan village Briddhim in Nepal, we could hand over donations at the amount of 700 Euro for the further construction of the new house of his parents. A family member whom we met in Bodhgaya is now on her way to the village and will hand over the donations to the couple.


  • For the Tibetan man Darsang from Briddhim, who urgently needs a kidney operation, we could give donations at the amount of 600 Euro to his brother in Dharamsala. The amount is already on the way to Darsang.


  • To the director of monastery we were able to hand over a donation at the amount of 300 Euro. This money will be used where most needed (medical care, house renovation, etc.). During my visit in the monastery there was almost daily storm and rain,and a large tree, which overturned, tore up a Powerline. The monastery was without electricity for days, only the solar system worked. The repair will cost 200 Euro, a sum which the monastery can hardly pay.


  • For the renovation of the room of the monk Dorjee, I was able to hand over donations at the amount of 200 Euro.


  • The young Tibetan woman Minghmar Lhamo, single mother of a small daughter, could receive a donation over 100 Euro. She is unemployed and until the end of January she has been living in a tiny hut. Her parents will soon move to her from Nepal. Her father is blind and needs the help of his daughter. Minghmar Lhamo urgently needs support for her small family.


  • Right at the beginning of our stay in Bodhgaya we were informed about an emergency in Nepal. The Tibetan woman Khartok had to be operated already last summer because of intestinal ulcers. Now her condition had worsened again that the doctors started immediately an emergency operation. She was in critical condition, but everything goes well. For the operation, medical treatment and the hospital stay, Khartok was required 950 Euro.For the at least one month after-treatment an additional 450 Euro are needed. We have presented these amounts privately and would be pleased to receive donations to support Khartok.


  • Together with the monastery’s director, we once again counted the number of donated winter blankets. At long last 6 blankets are still missing and we would like to send them this winter. Since about 2 weeks it has become really cold and the monks are very grateful for the warm Equipment.


  • I could meet the sponsorchild Karsang Dolma. The 11-year-old girl has been living with a relative in Lower Dharamsala since last year and can attend to the TCV school at first time next month. Without the sponsorship this would not be possible.Both live in a tiny room, where the elderly cousin also nurses an old Tibetan. They live there to three, but as soon as the school begins, Karsang will move the School home in the TCV.


  • Even nun Ani Dolkar I could meet. The 74-year-old nun urgently needs a sponsorship and I could get a personal impression of her difficult situation. Please check further information on our page “Sponsorships in Dharamsala”.


  • For the Monks of Tse Chok Ling monastery we will offer sponsorships soon.A total of 18 monks – most of them children and young people – would be happy for the Support of a sponsorship. Information and photos will be posted soon on the page “Sponsorships in Dharamsala”.


  • Ngawang Lobsang, the tailor of the monks in the monastery received donations at the amount of 200 Euro for a sewing machine. We went together to Lower Dharamsala to buy it there.


  • There are photos and information about new sponsorships and a house renovation that we plan.This very impoverished Nepali family and the Tibetan girls need our help. More information can be found on the page “Sponsorships in Dharamsala and North India” and “Help Projects in Dharamsala”.


January 5th 2017

The Tibetan woman Khartok had to be operated already last summer because of intestinal ulcers.

Now her condition had worsened again and the doctors started immediately an emergency operation. She was in critical condition, but everything goes well. For the operation, medical treatment and the hospital stay, Khartok was required 950 Euro.

For the at least one month after-treatment an additional 450 Euro are needed. We have presented this amounts privately. Khartok is long known to us and one of our worries.

She urgently needs a sponsor. Our team member on-site in Kathmandu, Nyima Bhuti, hands over these donations and documents everything.



A total amount of 900 Euro is still missing to cover the complete sum. It is not a huge amount, but for the poorest people in Nepal an unimaginably high sum that they can not apply. The treatment was essential for Khartok.

Please support our charity Project and donate for Khartok.
Donations can be made simply and directly online in the Betterplace project or directly to the association’s donation account.

December 19th 2016
Today our colleague in Kathmandu could hand over a donation at the amount of 700 Euro to the Tibetan Palmo. These donations were collected at the beginning of December as part of our benefit concert.

Palmo will use this money for the reconstruction of her house in the village of Briddhim and is very happy and grateful for the Support. We thank all donators for the wonderful support!



December 16th 2016

Yesterday 13 young novices in Tse Chok Ling where writing an exam in Tibetan language, which they had studied for very hard. They finished the exam after some hours with a good feeling and are looking forward for the results. 
We wish them good luck and all the best!




December 12th 2016

Today we were able to transfer the first amount from the proceeds of the charity concert to the monastery Tse Chok Ling in Dharamsala.

It is a total amount of 900 Euro, which will be used for the renovation of the monks’ rooms and medical care. We thank all donors from the bottom of our hearts for this great support!


December 10th 2016

Good news from Nepal!
The Tibetan woman Khartok who has mobility problems and is living in Kathmandu had to undergo an intestinal surgery in August. Back then we could support her with donation. Alone she would not have been able to finance the treatment.
Khartok still needs medical treatment and some days ago we could send her 95 Euro (10.350 NPR) to help her with the expenses. She is very happy and thankful and we are happy to help. Take a look at the nice photos.
For Khartok we are still looking for a sponsor ( or 2 „partial sponsors“). Who would like to help her and her small family with a monthly sponsorship so they can move to a dry home? The situation at the present place is really difficult and they urgently need to move. For more information please go to “sponsorships” here on our Webpage.

1 2 3 4


December 3rd 2016

Today our first little charity concert took place. With the proceeds we will support the Tibetans in India and Nepal.
It has been a wonderful evening with a great performance by Darius Gall, Céline Rudolph, Annika von Trier and band Zwanzig 15. Everyone enjoyed the nice atmosphere and great artists. The bazar with Tibetan handicraft and Lobsang’s delicious Momos have been much affected.


15292697_1483449881669769_471651758_o 15293386_1483449911669766_1874360014_o 15320455_1473365199344830_116999355_n 15281164_1473365139344836_1088250919_n 15293319_1483454355002655_1979028865_o 15320494_1473364796011537_144724243_n 15355932_1473364932678190_270588895_n 15281908_1473365029344847_1726027172_n 

A total of 950 Euro has been donated to help the two needy families in the Tibetan village of Briddhim in northern Nepal to rebuild their houses destroyed by the earthquake in April 2015.

In addition, we will support the reconstruction of monk’s rooms in Tse Chok Ling Monastery in Dharamsala, where we will also finance better medical care for the Monks.
Donations are still needed. If you would like to help, send us an email:


November 30th 2016
Today we could transfer the first donations at the amount of 200 Euro for the renovation of a small building block of the monastery Tse Chok Ling in Dharamsala. There is the room of Monk Dorjee. This part of the building is in very poor condition as you see in the photos. The roof is leaking, water penetrates, which is especially unbearable during the monsoon season. Therefore also the walls are moldy and damp. A total amount of about 800 Euro will be needed for this renovation work. Please help us to accomplish a dry and clean accommodation for the Monk. Even small amounts help. Donate directly to the Bank of association under the heading “Renovation room Dorjee”.

November 11th 2016

Today we could transfer the first donations at the amount of 200 Euro for the renovation of the small building part of Tse Chok Ling monastery in Dharamsala, where the private room of monk Dorjee is located. This building is in very bad situation, the roof is leaking, rain water gets in and especially during monsoon season staying inside the room is unbearable. The walls are wet and full of mold.
 All in all there are another 800 Euro needed. Please help us to provide a try and clean room for the monk. Even small amounts will support the project.
You can donate directly to our bank account by naming in the payment reference “renovation room Dorjee”.

November 4th 2016

Two monks from the Tantric monastery Dzonkgkar Choede in South India, Thupten Thokme and Thupten Choeden, have asked for our support. For the coming travel to Bodhgaya next Januay as well as for attending teachings in other places they are in need of 2 sleeping bags. During huge events like the Kalachakra initiation held by His Holiness the Dalai Lama the monks have to stay in tents. A sleeping bag gives at least a little comfort against the cold when lieing on the floor.

  received_889585287842088 thokmeys-room thupten-choeden-friend-of-thupten-thokme

By the help of donations we could buy 2 sleeping bags which arrived to the monastery in the end of November.


October 30th 2016

Yesterday we received an appeal for help from Nepal. Nyima Bhuti (for her and her husband we had sponsored the rebuilding construction of their house) is suffering of an eye disease (seems like a cataract) and needs to be treated urgently. Therefore both of them came to Kathmandu two days ago. For the surgery about 100 Euro will be needed, for the hotel stay in Kathmandu for 10 days another 50 Euro (more information you can find on the page “aid projects).

Your donation of 20 Euro will help to finance a big part of the eye surgery. With 5 Euro you help to finance one night in a hotel for that couple. Please support this Tibetan woman with your donation. If you like to donate please send us an email to:

Payment reference: Eye surgery Nyima Bhuti

Addition from October 31st: Until now we could raise 100 Euro for this eye surgery.

Addition from November 6th: Today Nyima Bhuti has gone through a blood test at the Hospital. The surgery will take place on November 9th.

14964238_10207260405899632_1892768028_o 14954292_10207260407019660_2055727918_o 14976113_10207260402379544_676048384_o 14976081_10207260404899607_1658881213_o

Addition from November 10th: The surgery has been successful. Now Nyima Bhuti will need check-up and aftertreatment during the next month. Therefore she has to stay in Kathmandu and there will be more expenses. For treatment, accomodation and food for this month 500 Euro are needed.


Addition from December 9th: In order to support her with the expenses for accomodation, food and medicine, we could send her yesterday another 95 Euro (10.000 NPR). She is happy and thankful and we are very happy too that she is healthy and her operated eye has got the normal vision again!

image-2 image-1

October 18th 2016

The next donations in the amount of 1.650 Euro have been delivered in Briddhim, together with commodity contributions (clothes and shoes). With this amount rebuilding construction the house of the first family, who we supported with our project, can be finished. Our team member Daggi Ullrich has been personally on site. Soon you will find her report here.