reconstruction of houses in Briddhim

Reconstruction of the Tibetan village Briddhim in Northern Nepal


Briddhim is a tiny Tibetan village in the northern district Rasuwa, about 56 km from the Nepali capital Kathmandu. The terrible earthquake from April 2015 had killed more than 8.000 people and left the village totally destroyed. Still today the situation there is very difficult. Only very slowly the people who had survived could start rebuilding their houses and even these days, more than one and a half year after the quake, many people are still living in extemporary huts. The village has about 60 households with mostly elder people. The village has got no school no sources of income, so young people are moving away.

In Briddhim the population lives on vegetable cultivation, some find work in house construction or work as trekking guides for tourists. But since the earthquake last year all this had changed. The low income is barely enough for living. According to press release 4 million people are still living in emergency shelters due to the heavy earthquake in 2015. Many of them waited for state aid just in vain and therefore private initiatives by different NGOs are needed.

With this aid project we want to counteract the desperate situation of the people in Briddhim.

Thanks to many private donations at the total amount of 3.990 Euro we were able to help a first family to rebuild their house. The last donations for that house have been delivered personally in October 2016 by our team member Daggi Ullrich.


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 The new house of the first family is ready.

More families need support for rebuilding their houses

With the help of new donations we want to help more families to finish the reconstruction of their houses.

The widow Palmo has a grown up son and two daughters at the age of 17 and 20. The girls go to schools that are quite far away from Briddhim. Since the father has passed away the son is taking care of the family, but he is unemployed now and he has got no financial means for the rebuilding of the house.

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Payment reference: House Palmo in Briddhim

The couple Dhondup Tamang and Lhakpa Yangchen belong to the elder people who we are supporting in Briddhim.

Their destroyed house also could be rebuilt only partially so far and now there is not enough money for finishing the roof and the rest of the construction. Both of them are over 60 years old and are hardly able to make a living. In addition they need medical care.

dhondup-tamang-lhakpa-yangchen lhakpa-yangchen thok2



Payment reference: House Dhondup and Yangchen in Briddhim

Thanks to the support of another organization these houses could be rebuilt at least partially. And in February 2017 we could support each of these families with 700 Euro donations.

For financing the housetops, building toilets with connection to the water supply in the village and the total completion a final amount of 700 Euro (80.000 NPR) per house is needed.


   today’s toilet without water supply


Please support these families with your donation of any amount.

You are welcome also to donate through our aid project on, where you will find mire interesting information and photo:

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