Winter clothes and shoes

The public Utility infrastructure in Briddhim village is quite bad. It takes a one ride to get to Kathmandu and the roads are dangerous and often impassable. During the last month of monsoon the village has been totally cut off due to heavy rainfall which again had flushed away the road. Anyway the village can be reached only by a walk of several hours.

All goods need to be transported to the village very tediously and the village people cannot affort too often to visit the big city.

Especially in the cold winters the situation gets difficult and warm winter clothing and shoes are desperately needed. As well as 2 matrasses and warm blankets.

You are welcome to support this action with a donation of any amount. For  5 Euro we can buy several pairs of warm socks. 20 Euro will cost a blanket, 30 Euro a warm winter jacket or shoes. We need 50 Euro each for the matresses.

Payment reference: winter equipement for Briddhim